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We are the sole distributor in Malaysia for Huntron Tracker, Prober, ChipQuik, SMD removal kit, Algocraft, HILO System ALL100 Universal Programmer and Wellon Universal Programmer. Various approved IPC methods for soldering, desoldering, reworks system from Jovy System RE7500, and Puhui system. Solder paste, liquid flux, magnifier lamp and etc are also available.

Tracker 2800 now with Optional Software Control!

Huntron has released a new version of the Tracker 2800 and 2800S that can be interfaced with the Huntron Workstation software. The Workstation software is an optional add-on to a Tracker 2800/2800S with a USB connection. The addition of software control enables you to develop tests, capture and compare signatures and view test results on your PC.
Each new Tracker 2800 and 2800S has a USB port on the rear panel so you can upgrade to software control at any time.
An upgrade kit that adds a USB port to an existing Tracker 2800 will be offered. Please contact Huntron to find out if your Tracker 2800 is compatible.


Huntron Access Prober

Huntron Access Probers connect to the Huntron ProTrack , the new Tracker Model 30 , TrackerPXI or order an Access Prober with the Tracker Model 30 built-in for an all-in-one test solution. Huntron Access Probers allow for economical, automated testing of densely packed surface-mount and other devices on the most complex boards from the smallest to the largest systems.


The Huntron® Access Probers are designed to accurately access test points on printed circuit assemblies (PCAs). It's 20 micron accuracy achieved by micro-stepping and linear encoding ensures reliable probing of the smallest surface mounted components. By using either the standard built-in test probe or a custom test probe, the Huntron Access Prober adds flying probe technology to your new or existing equipment. The high-resolution color camera ensures correct probe placement and provides a clear view of the PCA under test.

The open design of the Huntron Access Prober and it's software drivers allow you to design and implement your own custom test stations. Drivers are provided with the Huntron Access Prober for custom application development in National Instruments LabVIEW or LabWindows/CVI.

The precision robotic movement lets you probe points on the newest exotic chips, such as PLCCs, SOICs, PGAs, SSOPs, QFPs and others, without any expensive fixturing or programming required.

The Huntron Access Probers can be customized for your own application by developing application software. Application examples are:

  • Automatic guided probe to measure voltages or waveforms on specific points of a PCA
  • Automatic stimulus and fault injection to a specific point on a PCA
  • Automate monitoring of temperature or EMI on a PCA in a non-invasive way
  • Use as “guided finger” to automate mechanical movements such as pressing keys on a keypad
  • Use as a guided camera for basic automated optical inspection applications



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